Exclusive Oil Price Analysis


Crude Oil & The Lines

Fibonacci retracement, the channel, and the volume. What can we learn from them about the next price move?


Crude Oil - Under the Lines

On Friday, light crude slipped under very important supports. Will the bears take advantage of this?


Crude Oil – They Did it Once Again

On Wednesday, crude oil gained 1,25%, but do oil bulls really have reasons to be happy?


Oil Bears’ Attack and Its Implications

We could summarize yesterday’s session as an expected change of seats. Why?


Oil Price Forecast for March 2024

The consolidations, test of important supports and similarities. What are the implications?


Relation Between Crude Oil and Gold

Seriously? What does gold have to do with oil? See for yourself.


Where Will Crude Oil Go?

One more white candle and… even more doubts. Why?


Where Will Crude Oil Head Next?

Another day, another gap. Have the bears completely capitulated yet?

Oil Price Analysis

Crude Oil Rises With Hints of Tightening Market Fundamentals

Some factors are driving black gold prices up, pushed by signs of increased demand from the United States and supply disruption risk from Iraqi Kurdistan (representing a shortfall of 450,000 barrels of crude oil per day), but also by the possible decline in Russian supply.

Oil Recovers From Its Dizzying Fall With Eyes on the Fed

After its worst week and having touched levels unexplored since 2021 on Monday, black gold rose more than 2% on Tuesday.

Crude Oil Benefits From Russia's Troubles

The main factor fueling crude oil prices’ rise is probably Russian production worries, as a more significant drop in production than announced for March is feared.

Oil Rises Despite Larger US Crude Stocks. Russian Production Worries

Crude oil prices continued to rise after reports from the financial press suggested a larger-than-expected drop in Russian production.