Exclusive Oil Price Analysis


Uranium – Bulls! Where Are You?

In the last few days, the oil bulls have finally shown that they haven't lost their horns and are ready to fight for higher levels. Unfortunately, we can't say the same for uranium, where the bulls' involvement has led to important changes in the technical picture. What could this lead to in the days ahead?


Could Pro Growth Formation in Crude Oil be Just Around the Corner?

Even though the bulls have been down for the last few sessions, they've managed to maintain the short-term support that's most important to them. In addition, another potential ally has appeared on the horizon. Will they use its potential to regain the levels they lost?


Crude Oil – More of the Same?

Another red candle, another gap, another test… When will there finally be a breakthrough, and we'll see a bigger move in the price of black gold?


Another Downswing in Crude Oil and Its Implications

On Friday, crude oil lost 2% and extended Wednesday losses. What are the consequences of this price action? Have the bears taken over for good?


Oil Bears vs. Declining Wedge

The sharp drop in oil prices after the market opened on Wednesday could have scared a lot of bulls. But what are the real implications?


It's Not Just Oil That Keeps a Man Alive. Time for The Uranium.

In the last week, you've had the opportunity to read daily about the fate of black gold. At the moment of writing these words, the technical situation has not changed significantly, which means that yesterday's scenario remains valid.


Success of Oil Bulls or Premature Joy?

On the one hand, the Monday session can be considered a very successful one. The white candle urges you to make investment decisions now. But what is the other side of the coin, and what are its implications for the nearest future?


A Decline Below Important Supports. Is the Fate of the Bulls Already Decided?

Technical tips from the previous days warned of a return of the bears to the market, but such a strong bullish weakness as yesterday was not seen on the chart for a long time. Is there any chance for the buyers to improve their fortunes?

Oil Price Analysis

The Wagner Mutiny: Unravelling the Threads of Russia's Intricate Tapestry (Part 2)

In the 2nd part of this analysis, we discuss more about the global perspective of the mutiny, China’s strategic POV, and oil market's role in the current economic health.

The Wagner Mutiny: Unravelling the Threads of Russia's Intricate Tapestry (Part 1)

A recent mutiny in Russia has sent ripples through the geopolitical landscape. This article delves into the intricate details of the event, its implications, and the aftermath.

Oil Prices Under Pressure Amid Rising Global Interest Rates

Global oil prices continue to fall as rising interest rates worldwide stoke fears about global economic activity and demand prospects.

OPEC's Predictions, Oil Demand Peak, and Energy Consumption

The oil market is in a state of flux, with OPEC maintaining its demand predictions, the International Energy Agency (IEA) forecasting a peak in oil demand, and oil prices responding to various global signals.