Exclusive Oil Price Analysis


How Low Could Crude Oil Go?

Invalidation of the earlier breakout lured the bears back to the market. What has this led to, and what effect might this have on the price of black gold in the very near future?


Is the Oil Scenario Up to Date?

The situation in crude oil has not changed dramatically since our last alert. Does this mean that it is not worth reading today’s comments?


Closed Gap. Is It as Bullish as It Seems at First Glance?

Something old, something new. In a nutshell, that's what today's alert is all about. Are you ready for a new chapter of Oil Trading Alerts?


Will Bulls Overcome Recent Bearish Trends in Oil?

The important mid-term line, the Fibonacci retracement, the divergences, the indicators and… the deja-vu. What connects them?


The Evolving Landscape of the Global Oil Market

Amidst economic uncertainties and shifting energy policies, the global oil market continues to adapt. This article will explore recent trends and future projections.


Oil Faces the Winds of the US Economic Slowdown

Black gold prices fell on Thursday, weighed down by disappointing economic indicators in the United States.


Crude Oil Drops to a New Year Low – What’s Happening?

Here’s how to make sense of the different figures reported by the Energy Information Administration (EIA).


What Will Upcoming OPEC+ Mean for Oil Prices?

What are the macro-economic, geopolitical, and technical factors driving oil prices this week?

Oil Price Analysis

Global Oil and Gas Markets: A Rollercoaster of Events

The global oil and gas markets are experiencing significant fluctuations due to various factors, including production starts, labor strikes, and economic concerns.

Oil Prices Surge: Analysis Pre-Federal Reserve’s Decision

The global oil market has seen significant moves recently. This article will tell the reasons behind the surge in oil prices.

Oil Market Dynamics Amid Global Tensions and Strategic Moves

Global oil markets are navigating a complex landscape marked by economic uncertainties, geopolitical tensions, and strategic business decisions.

Oil Market Dynamics Amid Economic Uncertainties

The oil market grapples with economic uncertainties, supply cuts, and demand concerns, leading to ranging prices.