Exclusive Oil Price Analysis


Where Will Crude Oil Go?

One more white candle and… even more doubts. Why?


Where Will Crude Oil Head Next?

Another day, another gap. Have the bears completely capitulated yet?


Hess Corporation – Similarity to the Past?

The gap, the pattern and the retracement. What does this combination tell us about the next move?


Copper – Consequences of Bullish Pattern

Pro-bearish gap vs. bullish appetite for higher levels. Who will emerge victorious from this battle?


Exxon Mobil – Will Bulls Push Price Higher?

Strong upswings, strong formations, and strong lines. Will the bulls be strong enough to continue their fight?


Copper – Bullish Developments and Its Consequences

Defense of the support zone, proximity to the upper line of the channel, and candle formation. How did this affect the bulls?


Oil Stocks – North or South?

Fresh multi-month low, rising wedge, and divergences… What does this mix of technical factors tell us about the future of XOI?


Anything New in Copper?

An invalidation of the breakdown, the volume, and the trend line. What do these three key factors tell us about the future of copper?

Oil Price Analysis

Crude Oil Rises With Hints of Tightening Market Fundamentals

Some factors are driving black gold prices up, pushed by signs of increased demand from the United States and supply disruption risk from Iraqi Kurdistan (representing a shortfall of 450,000 barrels of crude oil per day), but also by the possible decline in Russian supply.

Oil Recovers From Its Dizzying Fall With Eyes on the Fed

After its worst week and having touched levels unexplored since 2021 on Monday, black gold rose more than 2% on Tuesday.

Crude Oil Benefits From Russia's Troubles

The main factor fueling crude oil prices’ rise is probably Russian production worries, as a more significant drop in production than announced for March is feared.

Oil Rises Despite Larger US Crude Stocks. Russian Production Worries

Crude oil prices continued to rise after reports from the financial press suggested a larger-than-expected drop in Russian production.