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I’ve loved drawing for as long as I can remember. I loved colorful lines. The vertical, horizontal, inclined scribbles eventually began to resemble houses, trees, and cars. The sun in the corner smiled at the heroes of my “masterpieces”.

 As the years gracefully slipped by, my beloved grandfather instilled in me the magic of literacy. My youth brimmed with exuberant imagination, nurtured by the tales he helped unfold before my eager eyes. Since then, the characters of my cherished fairy tales have not only lived in my drawings but also embarked on longer and more interesting adventures than originally envisaged by their creators. Among these was Scrooge McDuck, who taught not only his cartoon nephews but also an avid young reader like myself about the virtue of intellect over brute force. Such stories wove the fabric of my enchanted childhood.

At the age of seven, I didn’t believe the adage that all good things must come to an end, but the next few years of schooling showed me that thinking outside the box wasn't what my teachers expected me to do. Creativity was often shelved in favor of conformity. I had to be normal and emulate my peers. I had to interpret material through the lens of my educators. Oh well… life.

After many years of navigating the school of hard knocks, I decided to blindly follow my mother's footsteps, whose career had soared to enviable heights. The president of the bank? That sounded good and was a source of inspiration! I delved into the study of banking and finance with the idea that I could eventually catch up with her and maybe... someday in the distant future, get a similar position.

I was 19 and fresh out of high school, and I dived headfirst into university life. Between those first exciting lectures and lively student parties, I had my second run-in with the stock market. I remember this one class, taught by a professor I liked. But instead of focusing on the lecture, my mind kept drifting back to high school, to the day I cracked open my mom's economics journal for the first time. Little did I know, those pages were more than just homework help; they would one day change the course of my life.

I remember it like it was yesterday when I opened my mother’s journal. There were complex stock charts filled with lots of colorful lines, waves, and curls that reminded me of my childhood doodles. I couldn’t grasp any of it, but I was sitting there like an enchanted little girl with my mouth wide open, staring down at those tables, and deep down I knew one thing: I had to understand it all!

Did I make it? Well, since you're reading this, you know the answer.

The journey to where I am now wasn't always smooth sailing or filled with bright moments. Yet, the thought of earning a living just by using my smarts was irresistible to me. To some of my friends and family, it seemed like a wild idea, but it was this passion, mixed with my teenage dream, that kept me going. Every setback and early loss only pushed me to read and analyze more.

And then even more and more.

The sleepless nights, the uneaten dinners, the countless cups of coffee, the gallons of ink used in the printer, the boxes of colored pens with which I marked all my discoveries.

I also have to give credit to all the outstanding teachers and mentors who not only explained to me the meaning of various patterns, divergences, and waves, but also showed me how to decipher stock charts, no matter the type, sector, or corner of the globe they represented.

Because of this invaluable knowledge, I've had the opportunity to share my insights on some of the biggest industry websites in the US, Canada, and the UK—think Yahoo Finance, FXEmpire, and, among others.

Over the years I’ve had the privilege to be the brains behind Golden Meadow’s top-tier trading services: Forex Trading Alerts, Oil Trading Alerts, and Oil Investment Updates. I’m currently running the Quick Gold Alerts and Oil Trading Alerts, both focusing on what these commodities are doing on a daily and weekly basis. 

You know, I’ve learned so much along the way, like how navigating investments and analyses is a never-ending adventure. Markets are always shifting, companies come and go, and old ways get swapped for new breakthroughs. That's exactly what spurred me to develop my own trading system—a system that my amazing clients have personally put to the test. But hey, that’s another story.

Anna Radomska


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