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Sebastien Bischeri

Sebastien Bischeri

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Approach / Strategy

A comprehensive look at the energy markets

  • Investing Style: Short-term trading (scalping, day trading) to longer-term trading (swing & position trading).
  • Area of Expertise: Commodities, Equities, and FX.
  • Favourite Instruments: Futures contracts.

Sebastien Bischeri analyzes multiple asset classes to get a better overall picture of the markets. He assesses the macro-economic spectrum combined with price drivers and geopolitics to shape his trading plan (flight map).

Sebastien looks at all petroleum products and distillates (including Brent/WTI crude oil, RBOB gasoline, heating oil, etc.), natural gas, and agricultural commodities like vegetable oils (such as palm, rapeseed/canola, soybean, and sunflower oils) which are driving biofuel/biodiesel prices.

Regarding portfolio construction, Sebastien tries to pick undervalued assets (value investing) with growth potential (in the long-term). Regarding portfolio diversification, he tries to spot sectorial rotations for equities (mid-term). For derivative instruments on underlying commodities, currencies, or equities, he either trades them independently (scalping/very short-term) or via calendar/intermarket spreads (short-term).

Full Bio

Sebastien Bischeri is a former Reserve Officer in the French Armed Forces (Navy), and began his career in computer science and engineering, prior to move into banking, finance, and trading. He has worked as a contractor with top banks, firms, government departments, MNCs, SMEs and start-ups over the past decade, where he’s gained extensive knowledge of commodities, economic intelligence, energy, financial markets, investments, risks, and strategy (both as a Trader and Analyst). In parallel, Mr. Bischeri never stopped learning: he holds an MSc in Oil & Gas Finance and Energy Economics from Dundee, Scotland, and a European Masters in Economic Intelligence (EI) from Versailles, France.